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Ethics Codes

Ethics codes urge all those who, directly or indirectly, influence and encourage our athletes

Codes of Ethics is one of the principles identified in the document Principles of good governance in sport” [1] drafted within the EU Work Plan for Sport 2011-2014. The expert group strongly recommends, as a way to promote good governance, two specific measures:

  1. Development of Codes of Ethics by sport bodies for grassroots sport, engaging key stakeholders in a participatory process;
  1. An effective implementation and enforcement protocol;

In a very similar approach, the International Olympic Committee[2] also defines the development, implementation and monitor of the ethical rules as a basic universal principle of good governance in sport.

The Council of Europe has also developed a Code of Sports Ethics[3] which promotes fair play among children and young persons via educational and preventive measures to strengthen sports ethics. It encourages the dissemination of good practices to promote diversity in sport and combat all forms of discrimination.   

Relevance of this topic is also shared by UNESCO[4]. According to this international organization, the basic principle of the Code of Sports Ethics is that ethical considerations leading to fair play are integral, and not optional elements, of all sports activity, sports policy and management, and apply to all levels of ability and commitment, including recreational as well as competitive sport. 

This project is totally aligned with these principles, and will seek the elaboration and/or improvement (depending on their previous work done in this area by each partner) of Codes of Ethics for European sports bodies and the conception of a methodology for its effective enforcement.

Partners del projecte

Programme: Erasmus+
Key action: Sport
Action type: Support to Collaborative Partnerships
Call: EAC-A04-2014
Project title: Ethics4Sports
Project acronym: E4S
Application Nr:  567220-EPP-1-2015-2-ES-SPO-SCP
Grant agreement Nº:  2015 – 3769 / 001 – 001

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