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Université Rennes 2

Its Violence Identities Policies & Sports laboratory team focuses on the analysis of sports and physical activities both in their synchronic and diachronic dimensions.
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About Université Rennes 2

Over 12% of the student body is international students, with a third coming from outside Europe. Internationalisation is a key word at this University, which takes part in several higher education mobility programs (Erasmus, ISEP, etc.) and in many European projects (OPTIMALE, CRUNT, etc). Rennes 2 University is also actively involved in international cooperation networks such as EUA, CREPUQ and AUF. 

It is home to 19 research units, 5 of which are associated with the French National Research Council (CNRS). 

Rennes 2 has two doctoral schools and a research and technology transfer unit (SATT Ouest Valorisation). Its research publications are widely disseminated through the Presses universitaires de Rennes (PUR), one of France's leading university publishers. 

The Faculty of Sports Science and Physical Activity offers 5 Bachelor's Degrees and two professional degrees called Licence Professionnelle, as well as three Master's Degrees: in Sport and Health, in Sport and Social Sciences, and in Sport management.

The Faculty consists also of two research laboratories including the VIP&S laboratory.

The research conducted by the staff members of the VIP&S (Violence Identities Policies & Sports) laboratory is widely recognised and promoted. VIP&S team focuses on the analysis of sports and physical activities both in their synchronic and diachronic dimensions.



Research in the laboratory is organized around two main objectives:

Report of the causes of the phenomenon of sports violence, real or imagined, and modes of construction of identities.

The sport can be seen as a place of production of violence (real or symbolic) and identity (individual and collective). The aim is to examine the phenomena of violence in sporting field in order to understand the process and the meaning and to show how sport contributes to the shaping of individual and collective identities, which is to work on the site occupied by sport in the process of primary and / or secondary socialization.

Launch a discussion on the virtues of the use of sport as a pillar of construction or maintenance of social bonds.

This reflection aims to reflect on possible preventions and treatments of violence by sport.

Sport is then considered as a means - to provide policy, public and private - to create social ties and, by extension, prevent and respond to violence.

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    Project partners

    Programme: Erasmus+
    Key action: Sport
    Action type: Support to Collaborative Partnerships
    Call: EAC-A04-2014
    Project title: Ethics4Sports
    Project acronym: E4S
    Application Nr:  567220-EPP-1-2015-2-ES-SPO-SCP
    Grant agreement Nº:  2015 – 3769 / 001 – 001

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