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Tackling issues of fairness and inclusion in grassroots sport

Clipping and other documents about the project

Ethics4Sports prize: Green Card

Goal: to highlight and emphasize particular pro-social behaviours and/or sportmanship gestures.

With the birth of Anderlini Ethics Code (CEA) and the participation of Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini to the European project Ethics4Sports, we felt the need to disseminate the principle and values that enhance the sports environment beyond any technical result.

The Ethics4Sports card (Green Card), available to the head of the field, will serve to reward and highlight the positive attitude of any person involved (referee, scorekeeper, athletes, staff, coaches or parents and family in general) that, any time, without assessing if it causes damage or not to their team, will take a pro-active, pro-social or any sort of correct attitude to face a foul committed, and arbitration oversight, a disrespectful audience or behaviours.

The purpose of this gesture should be an example of behaviour for young people and highlight it, awarding it in front of so many teams at par on the winners, is the desire to show how something very small can, actually, be helpful in keeping wellness, fairness, honesty and respect for people and roles in the environment.

To each one of us, the task of giving importance to this prize, to be seen, observed and reported for human and social values quality.

The winner of the prize Ethics4Sports, Green Card, will be a positive example for all and ultimately will win the leadership that will help her/him to be proud of his ethical behaviour.


Strech the Values


This is a specific activity that will help us implement, structure, apply and spread out Ethics code among our young athletes.

You can find the document at the bottom of this page (in catalan, english version will be published shortly).



The big six


1 help team mates
Help team-mates, respect opponents
2 follow rules
Follow the rules and laws
3 play fair
Play fair, don't cheat
4 only hear the coach
Only hear the coach
5 no referee
No referee, no game
6 have fun
Have fun and try to win!



Project partners

Programme: Erasmus+
Key action: Sport
Action type: Support to Collaborative Partnerships
Call: EAC-A04-2014
Project title: Ethics4Sports
Project acronym: E4S
Application Nr:  567220-EPP-1-2015-2-ES-SPO-SCP
Grant agreement Nº:  2015 – 3769 / 001 – 001

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